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Thursday 14th February


 As you will all know, the 14th of February is that special day to celebrate your love and appreciation for that special someone. Whether that person is someone you are married to, in a relationship with or if you are sending secret cards to someone you might have a crush on this is a day is where the magic really happens.

Voice Marketing decided that this special day shouldn’t just be confined to our family but should be extended to our work family. We all have that special someone at work, that we might forget to tell them how special they are.

That’s why we came up with Voice Appreciation day at Voice Marketing to show EVERYONE who works here our appreciation for their hard work, dedication and passion for our company. What better day is there to do that than the 14th February right?

Here is how we did just that: –

Themed entrances and floors – Everyone loves a good balloon or two (or in this case maybe 100), the whole building was decorated in a love theme to get the loving feeling as soon as they walked in.

Appreciation Notes – These were small postcard style notes which all employees wrote their appreciations on, staff could write a note for anyone in the business.

These were then placed in our specially created post-boxes and the cupids worked their magic so that on the day these were delivered to the special someone.

Alongside the notes everyone received a sweet surprise, celebrations to celebrate our staff.

Our Operations managers ran themed incentives and games – From individual roses for all those on Helen Bailey’s campaign to a game of Blind Date on Kyle Whitham’s.

Everyone who was in that day was entered a special Valentines raffle to win a Valentines Hamper along with a bunch of balloons.  Our winners where Gavin Smart, Matt Sherratt, Rickyle Pulford and Chloe Cosgrove.

Here is what some of our staff had to say:-

Julie Lane – Sales Advisor –  I want to thank everyone for a great day, loads of games and lovely prizes. Everyone joined in well done Voice.

Laura Brearley – Sales Advisor, Valentines and Appreciation Day you could really feel the love, the day was full of fun everyone was laughing and smiling. Prizes were great and good vibes all around.

Sanita Sanghera – Operations Manager – I look forward to Voice’s Appreciation Day every year and it just gets better and better over time. Thank you to everyone that made today so special and enjoyable as its days such as this that makes me proud to be a part of the Voice family.